Damage Control |Online Reputation Repair and Management


Don’t let a bad online reputation destroy your Business!

In today’s world, your first impression is made online. Your good reputation is now more important than ever.

If your Company has a good reputation, it is more likely to get a customer than your competitor with a bad reputation. Regardless of length of time in business, price, product or any other possible combination of any other thing. Your online reputation is everything.

We at Local Parallel, will ensure your Company has a sterling reputation. In today’s world of competitors bad mouthing you online, disgruntled former employees bad mouthing you online, over re-acting customers bad mouthing you online and unfortunately all anonymously. It’s sad but true. Anyone can say anything about your Company with complete anonymity.

We can help. Our all inclusive program, will ensure your reputation is second to none.


Contact us now for a Free consulation and review of your competitor’s reputation and let us show you how our services are invaluable to your business success.

You’ve worked years building your Company with the highest integrity and great Customer Service at the highest priority and now someone has come along, without revealing their identity and posted a bad review about you and your Business.

It is just not fair. Consider all the years of hard work you have invested into your reputation and with a few bad reviews, true or otherwise, your business is in the tank. Now more than ever, is the best time to take control.