why-team-with-local-parallel1-150x150Local Parallel is a privately held, venture backed web company involved in local search and performance advertising.

Formerly the sole Web Service Provider for Pepper-Harrow Funded Companies, our success at Local Parallel, was hugely dependent on our ability to generate business for the Companies that Pepper-Harrow chose to Fund.  Obviously with their investment at stake, the pressure was on us.

Fortunately we achieved great success!  So the decision was made to offer our services to the rest of the Planet.

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How it Works

Fundamentally two types of business websites exist:

  1. One that tells the consumer all about YOU i.e. a brochure
  2. One that shows the consumer in a CONVINCING way how you can help THEM!

Consumers generally don’t care how wonderful you are in the beginning.  Instead, they wish to know if you can help them and that’s where we come in!  Once they contact you, you will have plenty of time to show off.

So why a stand alone website?  Our specialty is to create a new sales machine that convinces consumers to buy.  Your new, stand alone site we create for you, will have dedicated landing pages of your most profitable items.  Calls to action the consumer can’t resist!

In order to succeed online a consumer oriented website needs to meet three criteria:

  • You must appear relevant to the search term

    or they will leave

  • You must appear affordable

    i.e. Call to action!

  • You must appear approachable

    i.e. Family owned

These are the three key reasons we can help your Business grow to it’s potential. 

The site we create for you will drive customers your way with strong keyword landing pages.  Your site will have convincing calls to action.  And finally, your site will convincingly relay your commitment to customer service!

Our dedicated staff is on top of the search engine game 24/7.  With our own staff of coders, graphic designers and SEO/SEM specialists you can rest confident in the knowledge your  business is in the best hands possible.

Why it Works

    • Good judgement comes from experience
    • Experience comes from bad judgement

Our parent company Pepper-Harrow is in the Business of Funding Start-Ups and as such, understands more than anyone, the importance of marketing – after all a return on investment is what it’s all about.

Without successful marketing our Start-Ups would fall flat (not good) and our Investors would not be happy.  Having our own Marketing Company only makes sense, as it gives us our best chance of success in controlling our own destiny.

Since 1999 we’ve managed to successfully build businesses with a dominant online presence and would be privileged to help you do the same.

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Three Sheets to the Wind

You can spend your hard earned money like a drunken sailor, never really having a solid grasp on the direction of your web program.

But,why would you do this when you can count on US to help you at no charge?  That’s right for FREE!

You’re probably wondering how we a can do this for free.  We are so confident of our abilities and that your Company will quickly see financial returns, that we will have earned the right to manage your online accounts.

Some SEMs earn their income by mating up PPC programs with zero accountability, thus you are never really sure how much of your cash is being spent with the search engines.  Some SEM ‘s even pay their staff per-click, ensuring you will be paying for unnecessary keywords.  If you search click fraud online the evidence is there.

Our Firm is committed to saving you money and will never mark-up a search engine PPC program.  In fact, our SEM programs ensure maximum ROI, as your Landing Pages are so fine tuned with keywords your assurance of value is guaranteed.

We feel it is important for our clients to know thier PPC spend and therefore you will be billed directly from the search engine.  We never mark-up PPC.


How do I know it’s working?

Simple answer : analytics

We feel analytics can and should show you what the consumer wants.

Example:   Let’s say you want to sell shoes but aren’t sure of the market.

Step1. –  Launch a campaign with one keyword “shoe”.

Sounds simple right?  But it is simple!  With that one keyword you will discover the shoes your CUSTOMER wants. Your analytics will show the most common search.  My guess it’s red shoes two to one!

Actually, you don’t really need to spend any money to find out what the most common search term is – you just need to know where to find the ANALYTICS.

Analytics are so powerful we’ve seen entire business models constructed entirely by consumer demand even ahead of seasonal drives always staying ahead of the competition.

One can actually build a Business without a store or staff or inventory.  All you need is analytics.  Find out what they want, build a biz around it and let the consumer buy from you!  Just be sure you follow the three steps to online success found here——–

Let our powerful analytic program work for you and guide your Business on a path to prosperity !

Red Sky at Night

Our Staff is dedicated to your online success and will prove it.   We are offering you our dedicated I.T. Staff at the Best Value –  period.  In fact, we’re sure it’s the biggest no brainer in the history of earth!